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We are working with the Urban Institute, Zillow and other organizations to create critical research to support policy solutions and the development of new products to help expand affordable housing, expand fair housing opportunities for underserved groups, and create vibrant communities.  Check out important research we’ve conducted to date.

Where You Live Matters: Access to Key Amenities is Worse in Communities of Color

Zillow, NFHA
Where you live matters. And nationwide, communities of color generally have worse access to several key neighborhood amenities — including traditional finance outlets, health and fitness services — than largely white communities. The disparities reflect the ongoing challenge of ensuring equal opportunity across racial lines when access to the basic building blocks of those opportunities remains exceptionally unequal.... READ MORE
50 years

Inequality Lingers

NFHA, Trulia
In commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Fair Housing Act, Trulia is proud to partner.. READ MORE

What Modern-Day Housing Discrimination Looks Like

Zillow, NFHA
For many Americans, housing discrimination is a fact of life. Redlining and other policies and practices... READ MORE

Barriers to Accessing Homeownership Down Payment, Credit, and Affordability

NFHA, Trulia
Saving for a down payment is a considerable barrier to homeownership. With rising home prices, rising interest rates, and tight lending standards, the path to homeownership has become more challenging, especially for low-to-median-income borrowers and potential first-time homebuyers. Yet most potential... READ MORE

The Resilience of Hispanic Homebuyers

The M Report
First the bad news, which will hardly come as a surprise: The purchase market will be down in 2020. Uncertainty amidst the coronavirus is influencing decision- making for both buyers and sellers. With new construction projects at a standstill, inventory will remain tight and affordability may get even worse... READ MORE

Barriers to Accessing Homeownership

Urban Institute
"We need to increase these programs’ visibility and ensure borrowers in mortgage... READ MORE

NFHA's 2020 Fair Housing Trends Report

In this 2020 Fair Housing Trends Report, we describe the role housing discrimination plays in many... READ MORE

Building Black Homeownership Bridges: A Five-Point Framework for Reducing the Racial Homeownership Gap

Urban Institute
Homeownership is an important wealth-building source and a foundation for economic stability. Owning a home can provide a stable place to live and remove significant economic uncertainty in the form of fixed housing costs. These benefits are well documented, yet there is persistent inequality in access and attainment of homeownership across racial lines and less wealth accumulation for black households through homeownership.. READ MORE

Closing the Racial Inequality Gaps

Today, more than at any time since Dr. King’s assassination, we are bearing witness to the grave injustices affecting our fellow citizens. Black, Latinx, and Native Americans have been hospitalized for COVID-19 at a disproportionately high rate, a direct result of what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified as “long-standing systemic health and social inequities..." READ MORE